Kindergarten Annual Subscription for 2020/2021 School Year

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Every Kindergarten Subscription Includes:

The first 12 episodes of our new kindergarten series will be dedicated to helping your students become good classroom citizens. Use these episodes to teach your students about hand raising, standing in line, having a listening body, and more!

Similar to our first grade episodes, these 5-6 minute episodes will focus on a positive character trait and a significant figure who exemplifies that trait.

The supplementals will reinforce the character development lessons taught in each episode through activities that promote reading fluency, fine motor development and more!

Aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten.

New! Our kindergarten episodes will feature songs that reinforce positive character and classroom citizenship!

Get all of this for only $59 per year, per subscription!
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What Teachers are Saying:

“I have been able to implement character traits in my classroom this year like I have not been able to in the past. Our school has always lacked good, strong character trait lessons, so when I got the chance to try Character Tree this year I was excited. As I go through the lessons with my students (ranging from Kindergarten through fifth grade), not only are they engaged but the rest of the school is noticing that they have picked up a new trait.” 
-Jay Crites, School Counselor & Character Tree Subscriber
“We have really loved using the Character tree videos and lessons. I teach special education with a diverse student population. They really love the videos and I love having the worksheets and lesson plans already made so we can learn/teach as we go. There isn’t any prep that I have to do other than I have been printing the worksheets and making them into a booklet for the students so they have one for each major topic that we cover.”
-Ashley Wishard, Special Education Teacher & Character Tree Subscriber

Why Use The Character Tree?

  • Give your classroom a common language when discussing positive character traits and individual growth
  • Many students may not be getting these valuable lessons at home
  • Very cost effective – consider not only the videos but the supplemental materials included. At $1.64 per episode the cost savings are huge as supplemental materials alone would be over $250
  • Easy to incorporate into your classroom schedule since each episode takes under 6 minutes to view. No prep – just watch!
  • Introduction of The Character Tree Band and songs about classroom citizenship

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